Foley studio

Foley Tales is an award winning foley studio that provides high quality foley recordings for film, tv drama, games and animation. We have the most complete foley studio in The Netherlands and worked on 170+ productions that include Netflix, Disney and Amazon Originals and Golden Globe, Oscar and Emmy nominated productions.

Our Favorite Projects


Foley Studio, Foley Studio, Foley Tales

170+ IMDB credits for films and tv shows in more than 15 years of experience

Foley Studio, Foley Studio, Foley Tales

135 m2 foley studio with adjustable acoustics, swimming pool, a car, 7 wooden floors, etc.

Foley Studio, Foley Studio, Foley Tales

Multiple sound awards, films nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes

Foley Studio, Foley Studio, Foley Tales

Films selected for festivals like Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Sundance


  • TV station Euronews paid a visit to our foley studio and made a great video and article about our work. Lead foley artist Ronnie van der Veer showed the crew around and demonstrated some of his favorite foley sounds. Learn

  • We are very excited that MELK is one of the ten films selected for the Giornate degli Autori program at the Venice Film Festival! MELK is a beautiful film from director Stefanie Kolk with lots of quiet scenes were the

  • It’s award season! The movie Zillion got nominated for 14 Ensor Awards in Belgium, including Best Sound. And the movie Speak no Evil was nominated for a Robert Award for Best Sound in Denmark. The foley for both movies came

  • In the past week The Forgotten Battle has been the most watched movie worldwide on Netflix. It was number 1 in many countries amongst the USA. Incredible to think that millions of people all around the world watched the movie

  • Last week the Belgium movie Zillion premiered in Belgium and ticket sales are going through the roof. Last weekend Zillion had a better opening weekend than ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ that was the biggest cinema success of the last months in

  • Psychological horror film SPEAK NO EVIL by Christian Tafdrup had it’s premiere and release in Denmark. The reviews are raving. “One of the most successful Danish thrillers ever” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from Soundvenue. “There is a before and after ‘Speak No Evil’

  • The Swedish Netflix Original ‘Anxious People’ has been released on Netflix as of today. This show has been based on the bestselling novel by Frederik Backman, who also wrote ‘A Man Called Ove’ that won an Oscar for Best Foreign

  • SPEAK NO EVIL will have its world premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival where it will play in the Midnight section! Go watch this movie and check out our creepy creaking floors and the other scary foley effects we