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Foley Tales is an award winning foley studio that provides high quality foley recordings for film, tv drama, games and animation.

We have the most complete foley studio in The Netherlands. Lead foley artist Ronnie Van der Veer (MPSE) worked on 175+ productions that include Netflix, Disney and Amazon Originals and Golden Globe, Oscar and Emmy nominated productions.


We love recording natural sounding foley, but also know how to make big Hollywood foley effects when necessary. Separate ‘room mics’ capture the natural reverb of the studio that we mix with the dry signal to create perspective and distance in the sound. Not only does this sound more realistic than adding tons of digital reverb later, but we also save the sound designer hours of tweaking the sound. The acoustics of the studio is adjustable so we can make it match with the acoustics in the scene. We like to be creative too, by using contact mics, hydrophones and trying out unconventional ways to get the best sound for the scene. Technicalities aside the most important thing is supporting the story with our sound. We always keep the story in mind and try to improve a scene with our foley. It’s very satisfying when we notice that we can create more suspense in a scene with the right wood creak, or make a joke more funny with just the right sound.

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Various floor surfaces: 7+ wooden floors,

concrete surfaces, tiles, metal etc.

Dirt pits: sand, dirt, leafs, gravel, glass, snow

Countless amount of props

A 900 liters water pool

A car

Adjustable room acoustics

Super fast internet for quick delivery


foley showreel

Listen to our foley on our special showreel page on Vimeo.

The page is password protected and you can request a password here.


Check the showreel here