Our favorite projects

In a dystopian near future, according to the laws of The City, single people are taken to The Hotel, where they are obliged to find a romantic partner in 45 days or they’re transformed into beasts and sent off into The Woods.

The Forgotten Battle 

An epic WWII movie about the Battle of the Scheldt. We spend 23 days recording the huge amount of foley for this movie, ranging from massive battle scenes to quiet scenes where every detail in the sound can be heard. This movie won the Golden Calf Award for Best Sound at the Dutch Film Festival!

The Unlikely Murderer

A beautiful Swedish Netflix Original telling the true story of the assassination on the Swedish prime minister Olof Palme.


Widely praised debut of director Lukas Dhont. Won the Camera d’Or for Best Debut at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman

In this epic Netflix show we see how Mehmed II conquered Constantinopel and the rise of the Ottoman empire. We recorded lots of sword fights, flying arrows and brutal battle scenes for this show.

Dirty Lines

In 1980s Amsterdam, an enterprising college student stumbles into a new career at a phone sex line started by two wildly different brothers.

Love and Anarchy

A Swedish Netflix Original from the makers of ‘Quicksand’.


It’s 1997. Frank, a computer genius with a nose for business and an unhealthy urge to prove himself, only wants one thing: his own disco that not only outperforms the competition but simply humiliates it. Nominated for the Belgium Ensor Award for Best Sound